Late Post: Happy Mother’s Day!

A painting x paper-cutting x calligraphy collaboration between me and my friend, Jen.

“Superwoman” calligraphy by yours truly

Roses painting by Jen

Maya Angelou quote calligraphy by yours truly | Ink splotches design by Jen

Erich Fromm quote calligraphy by yours truly | Pink flowers painting by Jen

“mothers” calligraphy by yours truly | Paper cutting by Jen

Just do it!

For the longest time, have you been wanting to:

  • Book that plane ticket to Seoul?
  • Take up that MA degree?
  • Switch jobs because the current one kinda sucks?

What are you waiting for?


I know, it’s not that easy. Booking a plane ticket to your dream travel destination isn’t exactly cheap. Taking up that MA degree you’ve long been wanting to take is just as expensive. Switching jobs sure is risky. Trust me, I know. But let me tell you one more thing: things could get worse.

My dad passed away in June of last year and suddenly, I became the head of the house, and all obligations and responsibilities have fallen onto my shoulder. I am earning just enough to get by every month, but my savings have stagnated since. With my father’s passing, I had no choice but to put on hold all my hopes and dreams for myself. When my friend suddenly sent a “Seat sale!!!” message in our Viber group, I wanted to say, “YES, Let’s #bookit!” but I couldn’t because of my circumstances, and it sucks.

Which is why I am telling you to just do it. GO! Do what you want to do, do what you love to do until time is still on your side, until there still are plenty of rooms for you to take risks, to make adjustments, to make mistakes. Because once sh*t happens, you just might not be able to say #YOLO just as often.

For the love of letters

I have always been fond of calligraphy, of typography, of fonts and letters. I love how the simplest of words become timeless, classic, and elegant once it has been written in the nicest of forms, with flourishes here and there.

I have decided to try doing calligraphy myself, and I loved it! I was like, “why didn’t I try this sooner?” It was my way to take stress off of my system at work, and it proved itself to be very cathartic. My very first try at calligraphy was this, at the back of my work notebook:


And these were the ones I made when I got home that day, on my planner:


Ugh, ugly weren’t they? They felt contrived, and I really was disappointed at myself. But then I realized that beautiful calligraphy, like all things in life, don’t happen in an instant. Like all things in life, the skill needs to be honed by constant studying and practicing.

After trying calligraphy by using an Artline Calligraphy pen, I decided to buy a Speedball Calligraphy Dip Pen, and came out with this:


I found it hard to control (lol), so I tried using my Dong-A PlayOn Color Pen, and it has been my tool ever since.






I am constantly keeping my eyes out for inspiration, and for other methods to achieve good calligraphic art. I know I still have a long way to go — my strokes still need working on, my flourishes need to be improved. I will be posting my works here, so that I can keep track of my progress also as a calligraphy “artist”🙂

[FANDOM] New Fandom Alert: NU’EST!

In November, I wrote a blog post about NU’EST’s song, 여보세요(Hello). Let me quote a paragraph I wrote from that entry:

Honestly, Nu’est isn’t a band that appeals to me enough for me to learn about them, or listen to their songs so having heard of this, I am actually surprised: they’re actually good! I haven’t listened to their other songs, though. Tee hee!

But boy did I eat my words.

I mean, I have already liked 여보세요 to the point of addiction, but it didn’t occur to me to learn about their other songs, much less listen to them. When I did, though, their songs stuck. Delving into the NU’EST fandom had been slow. I took my time getting into it, and I liked the way it happened: I had the time to appreciate each member, and to love their songs. I’ve been listening to them non-stop ever since.

If you are new to the NU’EST fandom like me (which is already a bit late since they debuted in 2012), or would want to delve into the fandom but don’t know what to listen to to appreciate actually start appreciating them, here are a couple of their songs that I would like to recommend, in case you haven’t listened to them yet:

From the list, Introduce Me To Your Noona, and Pretty are my top 2!

I am looking forward to listening to more wonderful songs from them in the future. In case you are a NU’EST fan already, let me know why you love them and let’s spazz over them together!

Next post about NU’EST will be about my bias list, and my NU’EST OTP, so watch out for that🙂

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Do-overs, second chances

I congratulate myself for being able to finally watch this movie from start to finish. One More Chance has been said to be one of the greatest Filipino romcoms of all time and although I have my reservations (not that I’ve watched a lot of Pinoy romcoms anyway), the movie is actually quite okay. I have one question though: where were the hairstylists?

I’m in this phase where I am trying very hard to move on from someone… from #thewalls to be exact. Recent events have pushed me to actually consider taking strides in moving on — no more baby steps — and I feel like I needed all the references I can get. I am not sure if One More Chance helped at all, or if it had been wise to watch it, but one thing I know is for sure — I’m never gonna have that one more chance with him.

Not everyone is given the chance to do things over. But if, for some magical moment, my fairy god mother were to pop out of nowhere and grant me the rare chance to do so, I would go back to 2005.

I missed out on a lot of opportunities back then — I missed out on scholarship applications (I could’ve gotten into the university that I want, and I could have taken up the course I actually like), I missed out on joining extra curricular activities that would add points to my scholastic standing (I could’ve been third honourable mention, and I could have made my parents extra proud of me), I missed out on being the friend I could have been for him (they broke up, and I could have been there for him). The one time I decided to throw away a year of my life, it had to be that year. And it made a lot of a difference in my life ever since.

I watched One More Chance to teach me about love, how to move on, and it failed to do so. Instead, I learned that we should always seize the moment, always take the risks, always give it our best shot. Not everyone is given a chance for a do-over, so we should always make the most out of the things, the opportunities that we are being given.

[Fandom] Royal Pirates Covers What Makes You Beautiful

JUST. OH. MY. GOD! Royal Pirates never ceases to amaze me ♥

I have promised myself one thing the moment I became a Royal Pirates fan, and that is to watch them perform live. One of the many things I’ll do once I get to Seoul is to get myself a front row ticket to a Royal Pirates gig. Ugh, just the mere thought of it excites me! I can’t wait.

Video Credit: ddingga99

I don’t know about you, but I’m…


I used to wonder why people wish birthday celebrants with good health, or better careers, or happiness. It baffled me that these things were being wished for because weren’t these things already a given? Why can’t they wish that the celebrant have a new car, or a house, or a new Louis Vuitton bag instead?

Then, a friend of mine lost her battle to cancer. She was living a clean life, but life surprised her with a fault in her liver. It was so sudden, so unexpected, and I wished we knew why it happened. But life happens that way… life always gives the biggest surprises — whether we love it or not, and I realise that I don’t want such a surprise to happen to me. Now, I understand and appreciate being wished good health for my birthday. It definitely beats having a car.

Then, there are people who don’t like the work they are doing. Yes, it brings them money, but it doesn’t make them happy. It doesn’t help them grow — personally, and professionally. It doesn’t give them fulfillment. When I was still studying, I couldn’t wait to graduate and earn a living for myself. Regardless of what job it was, I was ready to slave myself away so I could buy for myself the latest gadgets, the nicest clothes, the loveliest bags. Then, I started working, and I learned that earning money wasn’t as easy as I once thought it would be. There are people like me who plunged head on into the workforce, and find themselves not liking what they are doing. We all have the same mentality — earn money, and love the work after. It doesn’t work like that, though. You have to love your work, and the money will follow. So yes, I thank those who wish me a good (better?) career.

Then, there are people who seemed to have it all, but are still unhappy. They have the riches, but they are sick. They can buy whatever they want but at the end of the day, they only have material possessions and nothing more. What is a new house for, if you are the only one living in it? Does the new Birkin make good company? So, I wish happiness for myself happiness. I wish for the rest of my life to be full of things that make me happy.

And what makes me happy? It’s nothing more than seeing my mom happy. It’s nothing more than having a happy family (with dad being with us in spirit). It’s nothing more than having to come home to a house full of love and care. It’s nothing more than revelling in the warm company of my friends.

I used to wonder why people wish birthday celebrants with good health, or better careers, or happiness. I used to.

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. Keep them coming!🙂